Sunday, January 17, 2016

Merry Christmas!!! I just love saying that to people here.  They just light up when you say it :)  So something that I heard this week about Christmas and I love it.  It says "The birth of Jesus Christ is a dream come true."  It really is a dream come true.  So thankful that God sent his only begotten son to the earth to save me. :)   
So just this week was another busy week.  First off we have been having some powerful tracting.  With finding lots of prepared families and individuals.  One family I love has a young kid called Cyrus and he always runs and tells his neighbors that "the two Mzungu elders are coming to share with us today."  :)  Makes me smile all of the time. :) 
Also we finished the 24 week program.  So I finished training my son so I am now officially done staying in the house after companionship study.  I get to be a real missionary now :)  Also the Ward Christmas party was so so good.  We had lots of people there and many investigators.  I also was busy that day with 4 interviews for the Zone Leaders.  The night went by so fast with all of those interviews.  Super good people though.  Food was good at the Christmas party and I can't wait to make some of the food they make here for you all when I get back home :)  
One of the days this week we were having a tough time.  Just lots of bounces and not really any lessons.  So when we were walking back we heard the song from Annie.  Its a hard knock life for us. :)  Haha I just died laughing and that made the day all better.  It made me super thankful for what I have.
THen this week I realized that mission is short and that I need to get the most spiritual boost I can.  So I have been reading all the past conference talks and other things to help me grow.  One thing that I want to do when I get back home and I would encourage everyone to do it.  Is to always bear your testimony.  Share it with anyone that has questions.  It doesn't have to be long.  Nothing is by coincedence in this life.  Maybe God had you meet that someone you are sitting next to right now to share the gospel with.  To really help them know that their heavenly father loves them. So always help never hurt.  I love this gospel and know it is beyond true.  It can guide us back to our heavenly home and it brings us happiness :)  Love you all and a Merry Christmas
3 Things about Uganda
1-  They have huge woooden spoons.  THey make posho which is a cloud like thing made out of flour and water.  It is really hard to stir so they have huge wooden spoons for it.  I am so glad my mom never knew of these things because I remember the few times getting in trouble and she would use the wooden spoon she had.  I would have for sure not been the trouble child I was if she had the spoons that they have here :)
2-Lots of people are buff here.  They are buff because of manual labor.  Just random people so sometimes I feel like I would never want to be in a fight here :)
3- Uganda is georgous.  Look up photos of Uganda.  I have only been in the city.  But in the East and up North it is beyond geourgous.  I can't wait to go to those areas.  :)
Love Lots 
Elder Brogan

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