Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ya if you can imagine from my title of my email I am not happy.  Well I am happy but also disgusted out of my mind.  So right now is rainy season and that also means grasshopper season on nseneney.  So they capture them and then fry them and eat these grasshoppers.  I have yet and will not try one.  I kind of barfed a little when someone put one close to my face.  I just will be like the Rwanda members who say that they don't eat bugs. :)  So ya they catch these things at night.  They put up big shiny tin sheets in 50 gallon drums with lights on them. So then they hit the light and fall down into the barrel.  It just doesn't look nice at night.  One day during personal study I heard something hit the window and I looked up to see a grasshopper the size of my face just sitting on the windowsill.  Oh boy did I freak out. My companion just looked at me weird but the bugs here give me the heebie jeebies.  So ya can't wait for this season to be over.  Rainy season is nice though.  

Also I found out transfer news today and guess what I'm staying here in Nsambya.  Also this transfer will just be two transfers together.  Like in 6 weeks they won't transfer anyone because the craziness of Christmas season.  Also like we have Elders leaving in 3 weeks so they all have tri-panionships.  So by Wednesday we will have 5 in our house for 3 weeks.  So it will be lots of fun.  But I will be in Nsambya for 5 transfers until the 1st of February.  That is kind of crazy but I'm so glad for that because I feel like I have barely touched the area.  

So this week was a really good week though. I went on an exchange with Elder Berghout who is from Fruit Heights or Kaysville.  He is a really good Elder and does a lot of good things.  So we when we were closing the night we were talking about mission.  And he said that we do a lot of things like tracting and street contacting and teaching to find people but we need help from the ward. But he said we do these things because "So miracles can happen."  When we do what we are supposed to and looking for people miracles happen.  Which I really made me think a lot and I would have to agree with him.  I had a good day with him.  
Then we talked to President as well because he told us what we need to do.  So Uganda currently has 1 stake.  At the end of this month we will have two.  It will be in the east in Jinja which is the source of the Nile.  But we are close enough to split the Kampala stake into two by the beginning of next year.  But we need to get some more baptisms on one side so that we for sure have enough.  So President Chatfield was in the army and so he kind of laid down the law on what would happen.  He said this isn't a maybe if we try our hardest that will be ok.  He said that we have to get the 80 baptisms in the 7 different wards by the end of the year.  It is really possible but this makes me super excited.  Uganda took 21 years to get 1 stake and then 6 years to get a 2nd.  So in 6 and half years there will be 3 stakes in Uganda.  This is just so awesome that I will be here for this.  
So because of that we are working even harder.  We have 12 investigators lined up for baptism and we believe 10 of them for sure will get baptized.  So just praying that they all do.  We did have a problem come up with one family.  There father doesn't want them to be baptized because he says they have already been baptized.  I love this family so much and have been praying so much that their dad will let them.  He is rarely home so we haven't been able to talk to them but I pray that his heart is softened and that he understands.  Just if you want to include anything in your prayers that would be appreciated.  Thanks.  Really fantastic week and going into another.  I have finished 3 transfers now.  Super crazy how time flies :)  Love you all.  .
Love Lots
Elder Brogan

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