Sunday, November 15, 2015

Well another fast week gone by.  Just being busy and teaching the gospel.  So it has been really nice lately because we are in rainy season.  So it rains and is usually cool afterward.  This week was a great week :)
Tuesday- So we were busy and it also was just pouring rain on us most of the day.  But that was just nice.  Then also in the evening on the way to an appointment we rescued 3 puppies from the gutter.  So we did our good turn daily.  :)
Wednesday- Just one of my fav days of the week.  We had interviews with President Chatfield.  So amazing and he really told me what I needed to hear.  He talked to me about how this is the only race in my life where I can go full out the whole time.  Also he said that I'm continuing to pick up speed always because this race I have God on my side.  Then just told me what he thought I could do better. He really gave me a boost to keep going.  
Thursday- So we taught Abel a guy we ran into on the way to another appointment.  He is a refugee from Congo.  So he knows decent English and then French.  But we taught him and it went really well.  He had two kids who sat in on the lesson.  They are like 2 and 3 years old.  But they were the most quiet kids ever.  I forgot about them till the end of the lesson when Abel said something to them because they were falling asleep in their chairs.  Haha so ya we kind of put them to sleep.  Good or bad?  You tell me :)
Friday- We met a really Latter day Saint Pioneer.  Sister Deborah is the relief society president in the ward and has been a member for like 25 years.  So she was one of the first members in Kenya and pioneered the gospel there.  She is really amazing and makes really nice food ;)  She has 4 kids and 3 of them are in the states at BYU and Utah State going to school.  But ya really nice lady and super powerful.  
Saturday- We met with Judith's family.  We passed her all the time walking to church so we invited her and her family last week and they came.  So we are teaching them and they all enjoyed it.  So I'm hoping they turn out.  She has a 2 year old named precious and I have never seen a chubbier kid. She is just so cute and funny. :)
Sunday-  First off Harriet finally got confirmed.  She beat us to church this week.  So awesome that she is now an official member of the church.  Then we found out that we will be watching conference this weekend.  Like I can barely wait for it. :) Amazing week to be a missionary.  THanks for all the love and support and prayers ;)
Love Lots 
Elder Brogan 

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