Monday, July 6, 2015

"These are the days never to be forgotten"

"These are the days never to be forgotten" This comes from the end of Joseph Smith History when Oliver Cowdery bore his testimony.  Our teacher told us this compared to right now and our missions and I could not agree more.  This has been the best two weeks of my life.  I can't put enough emphasis on that!!!!! I have loved it here and do and don't want to leave.  But one thing that I have learned from the time I got my call to now is that God really does answer prays. He has anwsered so many prayers while I have been here and they have been about things that really don't matter towards my salvation but just make me happy.  I make a list.
1- My call:  I was so scared about where I was going but when I found out Africa I about died.
2- Amazing Companion:  Well he answered this prayer because Elder Ward is truly amazing and I am so thankful for him.
3- A companion that runs:  This made me so happy.  We talk about running all the time and how great it is.  He tells me about his brother who is like super good. We did the mile challenge here and Elder Ward was 1 second off of the record of4:28 I ran a 5:15 which I thought was pretty good for how in shape I am.
4- Pictures with people I know:  I wanted to see and get pictures with so many people I knew.  But I never ever saw them till I asked specifically to see them then I saw them 15 to 30 minutes later.
5- Shake Elder Sitati's hand:  So Elder Sitati from the seventy spoke and he talked about Africa because he grew up in Kenya.  So afterward I really wanted to talk to him and shake his hand and he stayed afterward so I got to.
6- Sister from Uganda:  So on 4th of July they had all countries represented here take their flags around and there is a sister from Uganda. So I prayed to see her here sometime so I could talk to her.  Well he answered my prayer not 15 minutes later when her and her companion stood right behind us for fireworks.  So I learned quite a bit about Uganda and how amazing it will be.  
7- Travel Plans:  So I was praying that I would actually be leaving this week and I received my travel plans last Wednesday which totally made my day.   
8- That I would love the MTC: I don't think I really need to answer this one. :)
9-  Carrot Cake:  I just really wanted some so I said it would be super nice. Well in the cafeteria there was some and this just made the day so much better.  I almost cried.  : )
So God truly does answer prayers and I know that he does it for everyone.  All you have to do is pray to him and ask.  So one thing that I learned at the Tuesday devotional from Sister Sitati was to always have HOPE!!  I loved this because it is so true.  I have hoped for so many things and it really touched me.  They were amazing speakers.  But I love this place.  The MTC will change your life so always remember to turn outward.  

P.S. Also running is the scriptures so it is a sport of God. 3rd Nephi 12:41

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Best Place on Earth

Can I just tell you that if anyone tells you that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth.  They are lieing to you.  The MTC is the happiest place on earth. I really can't stop smiling the only time I stop is when I have to go to bed and you know I love my sleep.  But really and truly it is amazing here.  My companion is totally amazing.  Elder Ward is my companion and he is from Kaysville Utah.  He ran Cross Country and is running for BYU after his mission.  I am so thankful for a companion that will run with me.  We get along super well and teach lessons with the spirit.  He is so humble and caring for others.  He is going to the Jacksonville, Florida mission.  But I love him and we both are doing awesome.  So my district has either people going to Jacksonville or Atlanta North Georgia mission.  So I'm the odd one out.  But they are all amazing and I feel the spirit so much with them.  Love them lots.  From what I know I am the only missionary going to Uganda here so I'm all alone.  I was told I would be leaving the 7th of July but I haven't got any travel plans or nothing so ya.  But I'm staying positive and I'll go where he wants me to go.  But truly I love it here.  There was a Mission President's training till today so we weren't in the main building.  We had catered food like Costa Vida and Chick Fila.  So it was pretty nice.  Sundays are totally the best here I love them.  We had a devotional from Elder Allen who's a 70 and in charge of missionaries.  So he was super funny and made us really think about how we can be better missionaries and what some of the blessings are.  He served in Guatemala and he converted a man and baptized him in the first month of his mission.  Then he called an Elder up to the stand and that Elder was that mans son.  The spirit was so strong when he told us that.  I can't wait to reap those blessings because when you bring one person to the gospel it affects their whole family.  Then we watched a talk called "Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar.  Totally amazing and if you can you need to watch it.  So he talks about how we turn inward when we are going through tough times while Christ turns outward.  When Christ was fasting for 40 days he he was tempted by Satan.  At the end though he was tired but he found out John was in Prison so he sent help for him.  So he talked about how we need to do that.  Because a mission isn't about us.  We need to serve then we will find ourselves.  Loved it Loved it Loved it.  Really look it up because it will amaze you at how much it makes you think and I have never seen Elder Bednar talk like that.  
I have seen all the fellow bearlakers Elder Keetch, Elder Waechtler, Elder Sharp , and many more.  I saw Sister Brady, Sister Crandall, Sister Young who was in my college ward and institute class.  Also lots of others from institute and Sister Hart who is my next door neighbors friends and I hung out with her over spring break.  
So I don't know when I'm leaving yet.  I might be here for 6 weeks and just be the Elder forgotten about.  
I love love this place so much and right now I don't want to leave but I really love it.  
Best Place on earth :)
Love Lots
Elder Brogan