Monday, October 5, 2015

Well sounds like life just moves on when you are on mission.  For some reason I just thought that as soon as I entered the MTC that the world would just pause.  But ya that doesn't happen. :) 
So this week was another great week and it was the last week of my 2nd transfer.  I also hit my 3 month mark this last week.  It is so crazy because I feel like I just got here.  But hey time flies when your feeling the spirit. :) So ya just another great week here in Nsambya.  So we found out transfer news this morning.  I am staying here in Nsambya and training Elder Foster.  My companion Elder Hardman is being transferred to America (he is going home ).  So Elder Foster I will meet Wednesday.  He is from Paradise Utah which is like Cache County I found out today so I guess we will have some common things to talk about :).  But glad to be staying here in Nsambya.  
So the highlight of the week though was baptizing Sister Harriet.  She was the one in the wheelchair that my companion and I ran into like in the middle of last transfer.  So ya it was so so awesome that she was able to be baptized.  She has like only missed 2 Sunday's since we met her and invited her to church.  Like nobody has any excuse not to come to church if she can wheel her self up a hill that's like a mile long.  Ya she is just super powerful.  So you may be wondering though how we baptized her.  Well I was the one to baptize her because I am her "twin".  Since she's a twin and I'm a twin.  So I got in the font.  Then we had to men lift her in.  Then she rested held herself up on my neck and then we couldn't figure out for like 5 minutes how we were going to get her arm under till I said I would just go all the way in as well.  So that's what we decided to do like after 5 minutes of holding her.  Like I was a little tired but not really but all the locals were like hurry and decide he is getting tired.  He will drop her and so on.  I just would have told them I was a wreslter so I picked up people that were just as heavy as her so I was fine but they wouldn't understand.  Also I've been doing my 70 pushups every night to prepare haha.  But ya so I went pretty much fully under with her.  So I baptized like Alma did.  So I guess different story but super cool.  She was just so smiley afterward.  We also just had great help from the ward.  It was just so awesome :)
Also it rained this week and that was just super nice.  Then also this week I was just like missing the feeling of being at home. I don't know why but I just was. So we ate at members house on Thursday night and it was really good food.  We just were sitting and talking and then when I walked out to the car I felt like I was home.  Then for the rest of the week I just felt like I was at home here in Uganda.  So it was really nice and I really do feel at home here in Uganda now.  But other than that nothing much else happened. I just am excited to see what my new companion is like and also who is out there for us to find.  Love you all and thanks for the support.
Love Lots 
Elder Brogan

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