Monday, October 5, 2015

So this week was really good.  It went by way fast again.  So crazy how time flies when your feeling the spirit.  So I don't have anything like super exciting that happened this week.  Just like the normal week here in Nsambya.  We did have Zone Conference this week and that was just so powerful.  So it was at President Chatfields house.  We combined with another zone and that was really good.  Because I was able to meet some of my fellow brothers (missionaries who came out the same time as me)   But ya that was really good.  But what made that place and even awesome was how I felt there.  For some reason president's home felt like the caretakers home at the Joseph Smith Memorial.  Like had some of the same features and set up.  So I felt like I was there which just made me happier.  Because I remember visiting grandma and grandpa when they served their mission there.  I remember the spirit I felt there.  That is where I first gained my own personal testimony of the Book of Mormon.  I would go out and sit on the grass and just look up at the monument and think about what Joseph Smith did.  I realized that he died for a Book.  He knew that it was true and could not deny it.  So then that made me think about the Book of Mormon and really find out for myself that it was true.  So at Zone Conference we also talked about the Book of Mormon.  It was just so awesome and made my day.  I felt like I was back in Vermont thinking about it all over again. I am so thankful for the Book of Mormon and for the role it plays in my life.  
So ya that was just awesome. Then for church it was kind of disappointing because we only had kind of 1 investigator show up.  The investigator was someones referral who lived in our area.  But we didn't even get to talk to him.  But I still decided to be happy and it paid off.  We had 16 RC's at church.  Which is like so many.  I was so happy about that.  Then we had an FHE at a members house and we talked about Temples.  This made me like super sad because that is probably the thing I miss most while here.  Is the Temple!  I know it will just be so great to go into the house of the lord when I get back.  But I now know what it feels like for these people who have to travel to South Africa for their temple.  That would be so rough for me.  But Temples are amazing and don't take them for granted.   Also what made this week really good was that a member fed us at KFC.  Yep KFC and boy did it taste good.  Haha that member is the best member of the ward and she is pretty amazing.  It just put a cherry on top for the week.  
So also just some funny things.  Everyone thinks I am 16 here.  Like nobody believes me when I say I am 19.  Like Nobody.  Even members of the church who know what age you can come out on mission still think I am 16.  So ya it is kind of annoying because I feel and I know I do look older than I used to but you no the haters gonna hate right.  Like one of the other Elders investigators asked them who the 16 year old young kid with glasses was.  And also if he was like a real missionary like them.  So yep I apparently I am the dating age now :)  Another good week in the books.  This coming week I will hit my 3 month mark.  It is crazy how fast time has gone by already.  So ya before I know it I will be like 40 years old.  HAHA but I'll just enjoy Africa while I can.  
Love Lots 
Elder Brogan

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