Sunday, August 9, 2015

Light always makes darkness disappear

Light always makes darkness disappear.  That is the same as having something really good make up for a bad day.  This week I have had a lot of those experiences.  I had one friend tell me last week a quote it says "Yesterday is history.  Tomorrow is a mystery.  But today is a gift.  That is why we call it the present."  Well this week I have had a lot of presents.  :)

1- It finally rained.  Which made me super happy!!! If you have never experienced rain in Uganda then you have never experienced rain.  It poured on Monday for like an hour straight.  But we were at lunch so we didn't get wet at all.  But it pours then it really isn't muddy on the roads after that.  But we got a lot of rain this week but it always ended before lunch was over.  But one thing here is that everybody shuts down when it rains.  If the road is jammed pack with cars. 5 minutes later it there will be no one on the road.  People act like the rain will kill them if they get caught out in it.  It is pretty funny to watch.
2- We invited 3 investigators to baptism and they all said yes.  One of them I was pretty sure she was going to say no but she said yes and I was dumb struck.  Because missionairies had taught her before and it didn't work out.  But ya we have quite a few baptisms lined up for the next couple of weeks.  Which is super awesome. 
3- Harriet that one old lady that we helped a week ago in a wheel chair is beyond powerful.  We were planning on teaching her at her home and on the way we got a call from her.  She said she was in front of the church.  What..... She had wheeled herself 5 miles to the church up a freaking steep hill.  We couldn't believe it.  She is buff!!! She says she eats potio which is ground corn flour mixed with boiling water.  But the lesson went super well with her and she wants to be in the choir and learn to play piano.  Then she showed up to church the following day.  So great and she is powerful.
4-  Just a lot of new investigators.  We found all of them through such random ways.  Work here is really starting to improve so it is so awesome.  
So life here is pretty cool.  Also Harriet who we are teaching is a twin and comes from a family of 3 sets of twins and then we are teaching another pair of twins.  So I let the cat out of the bag and related to them that way and now everyone just acts like I'm a celebrity since I am a twin.   They even have special names for twins.  Kato- which is my name means the younger twin while Wasswa means the older one.  Then Salongo is the father of the twins and Nalongo is the mother.  Kizza means the one born after twins and Kigeongeo means older brother before twins..  Also cool facts about towns around mean Kamapla means city of hills with impala's.  Then Entebbe means chair so ya a city is called chair.  But life here is really great and I am loving it.  I saw Lake Victoria for the first time today.  We went there for P-day and swam. Haha just kidding we played v-ball on the beach.  It is very pretty and I can now say I touched the largest fresh water lake in the world.  I love this place and am really liking just small odd things.  Like the trees are so pretty and the rain is amazing.  I am gaining more patience with the people which is really good.  But yep thats pretty much it for life here in Uganda.  It really great!!!!
Love Lots 
Elder Brogan

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