Sunday, August 9, 2015

I'M IN AFRICA!!!!!!!!

Jebale!!!! that is hello in Lugandan
Well Africa is just amazing I totally love it here.  I did almost have a panic attack the first day because of the smells and how I saw all the poverty and just freaking out over everything.  But when we started teaching the gospel I was fine.  So I am serving in the Nsambya area right outside of Kampala.  My companion is Elder Hardman from Morgan, Utah.  He is pretty good and has only two transfers left.  But the work is going pretty good.  Haven't had many new investigators but we focus a lot on Recent Converts and how to keep them active. We are teaching quite a few investigators but they all seem to have small problems like wanting a vision to know the gospel is true or not understanding some concept. But we will get them.  Well what can I tell you about here.  So many people we teach live in a one room house.  Very very dirty.  So don't send Grandma Williams here because she would have a literal cow!!!  So ya just open gutters and people burn there trash or leave it on the street.  It's just such a different environment.  But the people are amazing.  They are so happy and humble.  The kids are like the best thing ever.  They are so cute and are always saying "How are you" even though they don't know what it means.  So I love them and anytime we walk by.  They always chase us and yell "Mzungu, Mzungu" which means white in Lugandan.  So super funny and super cute.  I just laugh at them all the time.  So I have eaten Anjera on the first day which is a rice smashed patty thing then you dip it in a sauce with goat meat.  I about hurled because of just the smell of the air around me but it really was ok.  But ya i ate like less than a quarter of it.  Then I had Rollex which is just an egg burrito but not as good as ones at home because the eggs here are white and not as good but still pretty good.  But ya other than that nothing much I just have Mango yogurt which is drinkable yogurt for breakfast.  Ya I love it here it is hot some days and a lot of working but really good.  Also small side note it costs me like 3 US dollars for a large package if sent through the US postage.  So send all the packages you want it might cost you guys some money but I would love to get some presents. :)  Just going to try to keep working harder each and every day.  
Well it's super good but goodbye or should I say in Lungandan, sula balungi
Love Lots 
Elder Brogan

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