Monday, February 1, 2016

Well another great week in the books.  I went on exchanges with a Elder Osei-Tutu and that was fun.  I learned a lot from him.  He is from Ghana and a super good soccer player.  We also had the truck break down this week.  The clutch kind of went out on the truck.  Because it was already bad before but with a new driver on hills it wasn't that good.  So we barely made it up a small hill to the place so we were lucky. But the Senior couple that was here picked us up out there. But we weren't sure if it was going to be done that day or not. We needed it to be because they were leaving to go with their son to do some vacationing around Rwanda.  So we were pretty nervous because they normally take forever to get things done or they tell you it is ready and you go out there and it is not.  But it was ready thankfully.  We had a nice time walking around for half of the day :)  
Also this week I have wanted people to succeed so bad. We are teaching really all families and I know how much the gospel can help them in their life they just need to pray and ask God if these things are true and read the Book of Mormon.  I want them to succeed so bad :) So really hoping that they will do all of these things.  
Also at church this Sunday we had 3 of our RC's get the priesthood and that was really great.  
So the reason I am emailing a day later is because yesterday we had to pick up Elder and Sister Johnson the Senior couple from Ethiopia.  They were coming here to set apart a missionary.  They are really nice and cool.  We took them around in the rain which they don't get a lot of in Ethiopia.  We then went to the Genocide Memorial with them.  I have never felt so much love for the people of Rwanda.  It was crazy what happened.  It is hard to believe 1 million people dead in 100 days.  All because of someone having pride and believing they were better than one another.  So the genocide had a lot of build up.  When Rwanda was first colonized whites came in and kind of separated the two tribes.  Hutu and Tutsi.  In the beginning though they just separated into these two tribes by the number of cows they had.  But the white man said that there was a difference so then problems began to form.  It was really interesting.  Crazy to believe that that happened in 1994.  Just over 20 years ago.  I came to understand the people better by going to the memorial.  Really just made me think and understand why the church is here now. 
After this the Johnsons took us to dinner at Heaven.  And boy was the food heavenly.  I got chicken and pineapple curry and I wanted more.  It was so so good.  Really fancy and nice with a gorgeous view over Kigali.  I love Rwanda I love the people here and I love the gospel.  I know it is true and  I love sharing it here in Rwanda. 
Love you all 
Love Lots
Elder Brogan

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